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Yin Yoga is a practice where postures are held in a passive manner for up to 4 minutes. This length of time is used to open into the thicker layers of connective tissues around the joints that a moving or a more dynamic practice may not as effectively access. During this time of stillness, the physical, energetic, emotional and mental states of being are refined and aligned through heightened inner awareness. When this inner awareness is allowed to grow in stillness, knowledge is gained in maintaining a quiet and conscious state at all times; whether the external environment is one of calm or chaos.

The class begins with a listening exercise and seven minutes of a breathing exercise (Pranayama) followed by a series of asanas [postures], focusing on either the hips or the spine. For classes of over one hour in length, the practice ends with a "light meditation", a very simple yet powerful technique to calm the mind and take each individual to a deeper level of relaxation and calm.

Luiz incorporates a very particular style of music into his classes, believing in the use of music as a powerful tool in healing and nurture; he places more emphasis on the spiritual side of the practice rather than the physical.Yin Yoga is a perfect complement to a dynamic (Yang) style practice and an extremely subtle and profound practice on its own.

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