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 Ashtanga Teacher Training


Experience transformation through the practice of Ashtanga yoga


Refine your own Ashtanga practice and learn how to teach this transformative form of yoga in a 200-hour diploma course in central London.


Students will study Ashtanga yoga practice, philosophies and teaching techniques through Mysore self-practice, led classes and theory classes at Covent Garden’s Yotopia.


The course runs over four months, from 23rd March to 22rd June, five days a week, in convenient early morning hours that can easily fit around most work schedules.  


Four days a week, Monday to Thursday, students will attend Mysore self-practice classes for between 60 and 90 minutes. These classes run from between 7:00am to 9.00am.


On Fridays, tuition will be in the form of a one-hour led Ashtanga class (7am-8am), followed by a one-hour theory class (8am-9am), covering key aspects including the philosophy of Ashtanga yoga, correct alignments and how to safely make adjustments.


I follow and teach a rigorous and traditional method of Ashtanga yoga, as it is taught in Mysore, India. In the spirit of the original form of Ashtanga yoga, the focus is on breath and timing as much as the postures themselves. In this way, Ashtanga yoga is as much a spiritual practice as a physical one.


The cost of this 200 hour diploma course is £3,500. 


There are two payment options. 

A - a £500 registration fee paid before the end of February 2018 and one payment of £3,000 before the beginning of the course + free membership at Yotopia for the duration of the course (you save £400)

B - a registration fee of £500 to be paid by the end of February and four monthly direct debit payments of £750. First payment at the fisrt week of March 2018- free membership is NOT included, you'll need to pay for it separately. 


REGISTRATION IS OPEN FROM 01.01.2018 to a maximun of 08 Students


On completion of the course, students will receive a diploma certificate and one year’s free yoga teacher’s insurance.


The course cost includes free full membership at Yotopia only to the participants that paid in full, for the duration of the course.


The course is suitable for any level, from beginners through to more experienced practitioners. 


If you have any questions about the course, please email me on or call 07799028534


A more detailed course description will be available soon.










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